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Jana Žantovská


Worked as a photojournalist in the Czechoslovak (later Czech) News Agency and for the Prague-based Mladá Fronta DNES daily. She received the Award of the Minister of International Relations of Slovakia in 1992, a Czech Press Photo Award in 1997 and the M.I.L.K. Photo 2000 (New Zealand). In 2006, she received the main Golden Eye Czech Press Photo Award for “Hell Survivors”, her portrait series of Czech Holocaust survivors living in Israel. In 2007 she received an award for the best photographic book of the year for the book version of “Hell Survivors” by the Fotograf magazine. Her last exhibition “London 2012” opened in Prague in June 2012. She exhibited her works in Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, London and other cities. She exhibits and publishes her work also under her maiden name Jana Noseková.

Z výstavy Londýn 2012
S Václavem Havlem
Se spisovatelem Johnem Le Carré
S princem Charlesem, vévodkyní z Cornwallu a manželem, českým velvyslancem ve Velké Británii
Na dobročinném bazaru CFAB s princeznou Alexandrou z Kentu
Alena Havlíková

Art consultant

Earned her master degree in Art History at Palacky University in Olomouc. Specialized mostly in Interwar Czech Architecture and modern and contemporary art. In bachelor thesis she focused on architect Lubomír Šlapeta and his famous villa in Hlučín. The subject matter of her master thesis was the work of architect Jacques Groag in Olomouc. Worked in a private gallery and still continues in academic research. Todays she studies the private school of Adolf Loos in Vienna.