About us

Vladimír Lekeš

Director, Curator

He is the author of the first comprehensive oil paintings by František Kupka, created in collaboration with Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery, the National Gallery in Prague, the Belvedere National Gallery in Vienna, the copyright holder František Kupka by the French company Adagp and Koenig books London. As a curator Lekeš has organized several exhibitions, especially in the exhibition hall Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery in Mánes (Štyrský and Toyen - the best of Czech surrealism - the collection of Bernard and Geraldine Galateau, František Kupka - exhibition for the 70th anniversary of the first retrospective exhibition in 1946 in Mánes, Georges Kars: The only thing that matters is a man, Josef Mžyk: Cizinka, Sadovská and Ožibko: Forms of Hyperrealiism, Vladimír Franz, Jacques Papi: Corsican Abstraction, Henry Bond: London Eye) or in Loos's Apartment (exhibition Hynek Martinec, exhibition Jaroslav Veris). He also participated in several exhibitions of Czech art in the Austrian National Gallery Belvedere in Vienna and Ost-Deutsche Gallery in Regensburg (Mucha, Kupka, Klimt, Schiele, Kokoschka, etc.). He received the Trebbia International Award for 2017 for the promotion of culture and art. Vladimír Lekeš is the only Czech expert enlisted in the prestigious Guide International des Experts and Spécialistes.

Alena Havlíková

Art consultant

Earned her master degree in Art History at Palacky University in Olomouc. Specializes mostly in Czech Interwar Architecture, modern and contemporary art. Her bachelor thesis deals with the architect Lubomír Šlapeta and his villa in Hlučín. The subject matter of her master thesis was the work of architect Jacques Groag in Olomouc. She has worked in a private sales galleries and continues in academic work. As part of the doctoral studies, she stuies the private school of Adolf Loos in Vienna and his students.