Evening Sale Prague at Expo 58 ART
Bohumil Kubišta
(1884 – 1918)
Portrait of a Reader (Portrait of Professor Antonin Matejcek)
Starting/Selling price: 
EUR 625 000
EUR 833 3300–1 250 000
15.000.000 Kč

oil on canvas
70 x 58 cm

– collection of Bohumil Kubista
– collection of the painter Emil Filla (in the collection until Emil Filla's death in 1953)
– collection of Hana Fillova and subsequently the Krejci family (relatives of Emil Filla)
– confiscation by the Czechoslovak state, placed in the National Gallery in Prague (1961), in the National Gallery Prague under registration number O 8550
– restitution by the National Gallery in Prague to the family of Emil Filla
– Gallery Zlata husa, Prague
– significant private collection

– Czech Portrait, Mikolas Ales Gallery of South Bohemia in Hluboka nad Vltavou, 23. 05. 1971–30. 09. 1971
– Bohumil Kubista, Wallenstein Riding Hall, 25. 02. 1993–30. 05. 1993
– Seams of Perception 1890–1918, Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava – House of Arts 03. 12. 2008–28. 02. 2009
– The Shining Crystal / 1905–2013 / Crossings / Intersections / Overlaps / Bohumil Kubista and Czech Art, Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava – House of Arts, 03. 10. 2014–04. 01. 2015
– Scream, Mouth! The Roots of Expressionism, Gallery of the City of Prague, 28. 11. 2006–04. 03. 2007

– Mahulena Neslehova: Bohumil Kubista, published by the National Gallery in Prague in cooperation with Odeon Prague, 1993, reproduced as no. 121
– Marie Rakusanova et al.: Bohumil Kubista and Europe, published by Charles University, Karolinum Publishing House 2020, reproduced on page 165 and further as no. 186, page 574
– Karel Srp: Bohumil Kubista – The Shining Crystal, published by Arbor Vitae and GVU Ostrava, 2014, reproduced on page 168, no. 118

Consulted with Dr Mahulena Neslehova, a renowned expert on the work and the author of Kubista's inventory.
Further consulted with Dr Irena Zantovska Murray HonFRIBA, Professor Jaromir Zemina, Dr Jiri Machalicky and Vladimir Lekes.
Confirmation of authenticity enclosed.
The painting was profesionally researched and restored by Dr Tomas Berger.

A famous portrait from the artist's breakthrough period (1910), when he started his "path to cubism". No portrait work of this quality and significance has ever been auctioned in the Czech Republic.

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