Lot 72. Letna

Zdenek Sykora
(1920 – 2011)

album of 8 serigraphs (7x No. 56/60 and 1x No. 56/80)
each serigraph signed, dated and inscribed by the author lower
220 x 38.5 cm
Graphic works created on the basis of eight original designs by Zdenek Sykora for the mosaic decoration of four ventilation chimneys of the Letensky tunnel in Prague, 1967. Realisation of the mosaic 1967–1969.
The graphic print Black and White Structure was created from the design of mosaic No.7 (published first) in an edition of 60 prints and XXV author's prints.
The other graphic works based on the patterns 1–6 and 8 were always published in an edition of 80 prints and X author's prints.
This complete album is a rarity, as not all issues can be completed.

– Zdenek Sykora 97 – Graphic Letters 1993–2011 from the Zdenek Sklenar Gallery Edition, Zdenek Sklenar Gallery, Prague, 2017

Consulted by Mrs. Lenka Sykorova, the copyright holder of the painter.
Further consulted with Dr Irena Zantovska Murray HonFRIBA, Professor
Jaromir Zemina, Dr Jiri Machalicky and Vladimir Lekes.
Authenticity certificate enclosed.

Starting/Selling price
480.000 Kč
EUR 19 200
600.000–800.000 Kč
EUR 24 000–32 000
Price realized
700.000 Kč