Lot 30. Sexual Nocturne (book) - The Story of an Illusion Unmasked

Vitezslav Nezval - Jindrich Styrsky

Edition 69, Volume I.
typographically edited and illustrated by Jindrich Styrsky with ten authorial illustrations
Private print issued by Jindrich Styrsky, Prague II, Kremencova Street 5, for a circle of friends and collectors, in autumn 1931, in 138 numbered copies, of which numbers 1–69 are printed on Holland Pannekoeck and numbers 70–138 on Czech-made Simili Japon paper.
As it is restricted to subscription only, it may neither be publicly sold, nor exhibited, nor loaned or otherwise distributed, nor included in public libraries.
This copy is No. 72

The book is in excellent condition.

Consulted with Dr Irena Zantovska Murray HonFRIBA, Professor Jaromir Zemina, Dr Jiri Machalicky and Vladimir Lekes.

Starting/Selling price
50.000 Kč
EUR 2 000
70.000–100.000 Kč
EUR 2 800–4 000
Price realized
50.000 Kč