The Magic Age

Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery in cooperation with a renowned expert on the work of Toyen and Jindrich Styrsky Dr. Karel Srp are introducing a new book release - The Magic Age

This visually rich publication traces the development and changes in the artistic work of Toyen and Jindrich Styrsky in the 1920s in Czechoslovakia and during their first stay in France. Their distinctive work and unique life attitudes have generated a growing interest worldwide. This book brings a new perspective on the revolutionary painting of these two world famous artists, which peaked by their creation of artificialism. 

Author: Karel Srp
Expert cooperation: Vladimir Lekes
Publisher: Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery
Graphic design: Patrik Svoboda
Year: February 2021
Pages: 81
Distributor: Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery s.r.o., U Starého hřbitova 40/6, 110 00 Praha 1-Josefov

Selling price:
19 EUR + postal fee 

Magický věk