FORMS OF HYPERREALISM: Dorota Sadovská a Michal Ožibko

Press Release
FORMS OF HYPERREALISM: Dorota Sadovská and Michal Ožibko
March 31 - June 26, 2017
Curator: Vladimír Lekeš
DOROTA SADOVSKÁ is a phenomenal Slovak artist, who made the art world to take notice with her bold creations. Examples of her extensive artistic work, represented in many private and gallery collections, can be seen in an exhibition of selected oil paintings from the series Homograph, Portraits, Saints, Flies …
The artist is preoccupied with the questions of our existence, expressed by the human body and the real world that surrounds it.
MICHAL OŽIBKO is a disciple of prof. Zdeněk Beran. The winner of the BP PORTRAIT AWARD 2010 - BP VISITORS 'CHOICE for oil painting iDeath, he focuses mainly on photorealistic and hyperrealistic painting on canvas. Painted with classical methods, his compositions draw inspiration from traditional topics and subjects, yet at the same time maintain their distinctive character. The astounding illusiveness of his works comes from Ožibko’s painting technique consisting in the application of many thin glaze layers.Ožibko also engages himself in abstract painting where he tends to be rather expressive both in style and colour.