Lot 52. Frau mit dem Sklaven / Woman and the Slave

Oskar Kokoschka
(1886 – 1980)

oil on canvas
92,5 x 109,5 cm
verso signed and inscribed on the painting by author’s hand: “Wenn das letzte Licht / mich streift, werde ich lebendig / OK“ (“When the last light / touches me, I come alive / OK”)

This is the first sale of the work at auction.
No painting with similar gallery provenience, artistic significance and art historical connotations has ever been auctioned in the territory of the Czech Republic in the nation’s history, and the work will undoubtedly form a highlight in any prestigious state or private museum or collection. This unique painting from an important period of the painter’s work (1920 – the so-called Dresden period) ranks among the most important in the entire Oskar Kokoschka oeuvre.
The painter also used his fingers to paint this impasto work.

The painting was issued a permanent export license by the national governmental authorities of the Czech Republic in Januar y 2023.


– Richard Lányi, Vienna (until 1925)
– Galerie Ernst Arnold, Dresden
– Fritz Salo Glaser, Dresden (before 1929)
– Hans Dittmayer, Dresden (acquired in 1942 from Dr. Fritz Salo Glaser, who was forced to sell the work in order to pay a Jewish Property Tax), the collection was transferred to Petrovice and in 1945 to Prague
– Galerie V. Horejs, Prague
– Czech-American private collection
– Gallery Zlata husa, Prague

– Private collection


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The Austrian artist Oskar Kokoschka had an affair with Alma Mahler, widow of the composer Gustav Mahler, from 1912 to 1914. This affair profoundly influenced his life and art. At first, his palette brightened, acquiring thick brush strokes and flashes of light and dark that indicated his widely varying psychological and emotional state. Expressing in paint what he did not or could not express in words, his art of this period can be understood as an intimate visual diary of the vicissitudes of his relationship with Alma Mahler. For Kokoschka, his work became a form of art therapy, following the crushing loss of Alma Mahler and the near-fatal physical injuries he sustained in World War I.

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