Our Records - TOP 17

  • We are the most successful Czech auction house in the percentage of the number of sold items – around 90%.
  • We have the highest average price of sold item in the Czech Republic.
  • We have also achieved many remarkable results in private sales.
  • We hold the majority of auction records Czech painters such as Frantisek Kupka, Jindrich Styrsky or Emil Filla.
  • Our apartment designed by the architect Adolf Loos is listed in Iconic Houses network.
  • We opened our gallery in the Manes Exhibition Hall.
  • We prefer quality over quantity.
  • We insist on proper verification of authenticity of artworks and therefore we cooperate with renowned Czech and foreign experts.

TOP 17

We prefer quality over quantity:

Frantisek Kupka: Series C I. (Plans Miniscules)

date of sale: 26. 11. 2016
price: 2.300.000 EUR
the most expensive artwork auctioned in the Czech republic
oil on panel
55 x 60 cm
signed lower right: Kupka

Frantisek Kupka: The Blue

date of sale:18. 4. 2012
price: 2.393.000 EUR
oil on canvas
73 x 60 cm
signed lower left: Kupka
Jindřich Waldes collection

Oskar Kokoschka: Frogs

date of sale: 26. 11. 2016
price: 1.400.000 EUR
Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 61 x 92 cm
Signed lower right “OK”

Josef Sima: Afternoon (Pink Body)

date of sale: 26. 11. 2016
price: 847.400 EUR
Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 135 x 102 cm
Signed and dated lower right “Sima 1929”

Emil Filla: Head

date of sale: 14. 5. 2016
price: 67.420 EUR
the most expensive sculpture of czech artist auctioned in the Czech republic
clay slate
height: 53 cm

Frantisek Kupka: En Dégradés (Verticales)

date of sale: 25. 3. 2009
price: 1.082.000 EUR
oil on canvas
71 x 71 cm
signed lower center: Kupka

Emil Filla: Comédie de la Mort

date of sale: 10. 11. 2010
price: 813.000 EUR
world auction record of the author
oil on canvas
30,7 x 25,4 cm
signed and dated on the reverse: E. Filla 1914

Emil Filla: Painter

date of sale: 23. 1. 2013
price: 735.000 EUR
1920 – 21
oil and sand on canvas
98 x 90 cm
Signed upper right: Emil Filla
Provenance: collection of the most important collector of cubism, Prof Vincenc Kramar

Jindrich Styrsky: Maldoror

date of sale: 25. 3. 2009
price: 540.000 EUR
oil on canvas
40 x 50 cm
not signed

Passion of the saint (St. Barbara and St. Catherine)

date of sale: 25. 3. 2009
price: 538.000 EUR
the most expensive old master painting ever sold at an auction in the Czech Republic
14th century
Gold and tempera on wooden panel
36 x 26,3 cm

Jan Zrzavy: Mountain Landscape

date of sale: 25. 11. 2009
price: 516.000 EUR
world auction record of the author
oil on canvas
50,5 x 61 cm
signed lower right: ZJ

Toyen: Geometric Composition

date of sale: 23. 3. 2011
price: 503.000 EUR
the most expensive painting in the Czech Republic in 2011
oil on canvas
100 x 65 cm
signed lower right: Toyen

Toyen: Clowns

date of sale: 10. 11. 2010
price: 470.000 EUR
oil on canvas
70 x 45,5 cm
signed lower left: Toyen

Oskar Kokoschka: Landscape with a Nude near Avignon

date of sale: 24. 4. 2013
price: 362.880 EUR
oil on canvas
38 x 45 cm
signed lower right: O K

Jakub Schikaneder: On the castle stairs

date of sale: 25. 11. 2009
price: 327.800 EUR
oil on canvas
103 x 139 cm
signed lower right: J. Schikanede

Jakub Schikaneder: Evening by the seashore

date of sale: 18. 4. 2012
price: 291.600 EUR
oil on canvas
97 x 147 cm
Signed lower right: J. Schikaneder

Vaclav Spala: Harlequin and Columbine

date of sale: 23. 11. 2014
price: 222.545 EUR
world auction record of the author
oil on canvas
64 x 51 cm
signed lower left: VŠ 22
Provenance: collection of the writer Karel Capek and his wife, Czech actress Olga Scheinpflugova

Frantisek Drtikol: The Bow

date of sale: 26. 4. 2015
price: 82.000 EUR
auction record of the author
pigment print
220 x 286 mm
signed and dated lower right: F. Drtikol 1928