Lot 44. Song of the Songs

Čapek B. Jan a Toyen
inside book are four hand-coloured illustrations by Toyenverse by Jan B. Capek   edition "Lis knihomiluv" copy 38/80 issued F.J. Müller in Prague 1931 21,5 x 12,5 cm  A copy about the Song of Songs is attachedinside is one full-page hand-colored illustration of Toyenwritten by Miloslav Novotny issued F.J. Müller in Prague 1931 21,5 x 12,5 cm   common case   This book was published in December 1931 as Volume I of the edition "Lis knihomilův" by F.J. Müller in Prague II., who edited, typeset and printed it on a hand press. Four of his drawings were hand-coloured by the artist Toyen. Eighty copies for sale numbered for the press, 25 marked as a gift. All prints printed on Japanese Takasago paper. This copy is numbered 38.   Consulted with Professor Jaromir Zemina, Dr Jiri Machalicky and Vladimir Lekes.    Confirmation of authenticity attached.
Starting/Selling price
60.000 Kč
2 400 EUR
70.000 - 80.000 Kč
2 800 - 3 200 EUR
Price realized
140.000 Kč