Lot 29 Grain

(1870 -1910)

Oil on canvas
Dimension: 45 x 52 cm
Signed lower left “A. Slavíček”
Verso label of National Gallery in Prague and the previous owner’s catalogue number 291, no. 116

collector Dr. Neumann, Prague

Confirmation of authenticity by Professor Tomas Vlcek attached.
Consulted with Professor Jaromír Zemina and Associate Professor Maria Mzykova.
An X-ray image made by conservator-restorer specialist Tomas Berger attached.

Antonin Slavicek, gallery Manes, 1932, catalog no. 201
Antonin Slavicek, National Gallery in Prague, Prague Castle Riding School, 1961,
catalog no. 293

- Antonin Slavicek 1870 - 1910, Dr J. Kotalik, Dr L.Karlikova, Dr J. Zemina, National Gallery in Prague and Union of Czechoslovak Artists, 1961, p. 153, no. 293
- Jan Tomes - Antonin Slavicek (list of works), Prague: Odeon, 1966, no. 436, reproduction

Antonin Slavicek was a Czech Impressionist painter who worked mostly in the area surrounding Kamenicky. In 1887, he entered the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, where he studied landscape painting with Julius Marak. The artist is considered as one of the founders of the modern tradition in Czech art.

Starting/Selling price
1 350 000 Kč
50 000 EUR
Price realized
2 000 000 Kč

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