Lot 131 Leaving


Dry powder pigment on calligraphy paper
Dimensions: 183 x 96.5 cm
Signed and dated lower centre “Adriena Šimotová 2010”

Confirmation of authenticity by Professor Tomas Vlcek attached.
Consulted with Professor Jaromir Zemina, Jiri Machalicky, PhD, and the owner of copyright Pavel Brunclik

Adriena Simotova began her career during the early 1960s. Her lyrical landscape motifs of that time were exchanged during the middle of the decade for a single major theme - the human figure conceived in its corporeality and spirituality. She became a member of UB 12, finding an affinity with the group through choice of theme and formal links; in a broader context she was allied to the New Figuration movement. Man became her inspiration for the following four decades - captured in the most banal activities; his clear-cut space, interaction with objects, unexpected moments when the human individual would muse over his own identity, and the relationship between the spiritual and the physical.

In order to capture these verbally almost inexpressible vital moments, she used a number of different media over the years - painting, textile collage, graphic art, drawing, frottage, mulage, installation and pigment drawing. In recent years her artistic testimony has reached the heights of thematic and material subtlety. Adriena Simotova has won numerous foreign and Czech awards. This exhibition is conceived along separate thematic lines which are characteristic of the artist`s periods of development. It focuses chiefly on her larger works on paper, paintings, sculpture and pigment drawing.

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