Námořníci Noho a Hugo Tarpaulin (z povídky E. A. Poe: Král Mor)

Lot 80 Sailors Noho and Hugo Tarpaulin (written by E. A. Poe, “King Pest”)


Charcoal on paper
Dimensions: 59 x 45 cm
Signature not found (artist commonly left out his signature)

Confirmation of authenticity by Professor Tomas Vlcek attached.
Expertise by Professor Jaromir Zemina attached.

Alen Divis was a Czech painter known for his melancholic art. In his early 20s, Divis became intensely focused on art, particularly on cubism. In the summer of 1926, he moved to Paris to devote himself fully to his art. In Paris, he attended lectures by Frantisek Kupka and explored Cubism, Expressionism, and Classicism. Upon France\'s entry into the Second World War, Divis and other members of the organization House of Czechoslovak Culture were arrested and charged with espionage. The reason for the arrests is unclear; perhaps their \"sympathies for communism\" caused suspicion .
In the early 1940s, Divis finally found asylum in New York where he continued his work until after the war. His art focused primarily on his time in prison, and used images of cell wall graffiti, dreams and dark hallucinations that came with isolation – a style which would later be termed Art Brut or Outsider Art.

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