Dubnová aukce v Mánesu
František Kupka
(1871 – 1957)
Female head - Waldes emblem
Starting/Selling price: 
5 770 EUR
7 690 - 11 540 EUR
190.000 Kč
bronze medal
diameter: 7.4 cm
- purchased by Jindrich Waldes directly from Frantisek Kupka
- confiscated by the Gestapo in 1939, moved to the State Gallery and then to the National Gallery in Prague
- deposited in the collections of the National Gallery in Prague, registered under No. NG P 484
- in 1996 the restitution of the National Gallery in Prague (the so-called Waldes restitution) to the heirs of the factory owner Jindrich Waldes
- significant private collection

Waldes "Miss KIN" brand was created on a cruise to the USA in 1912, where he met Miss Elizabeth Coyens, who inserted patent in her eye. 

Consulted with Professor Jaromir Zemina, Dr. Karel Srp, Dr. Jiri Machalicky, Aneta Kopecka and Vladimir Lekes.
Confirmation of the authenticity by Vladimir Lekes, author of the Catalogue Raisonné of Oil Paintings by Frantisek Kupka (published in collaboration with Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery, National Gallery in Prague, Austrian National Gallery Belvedere and the copyright holder of the painter by the French state company Adagp Paris) registered in the Guide International des experts et spécialistes, published in France, attached.