How to bid at Auction

1. In Person

- attending an auction in person means that you can get involved in the atmosphere, talk to the auctioneer, talk to our staff, it can give you also a real feel for the current marketplace for the product you are interested in

- before the auction opening you will need to register at the registration desk in the auction hall

- after the registration you will obtain your bidder´s number


2. By Phone

- if you are unable to attend the auction in person you can bid by phone

- we will contact you before your Lot is offered, yout bids will be taken verbally over the phone and handled by one of our friendly staff who will communicate your bids in person to the auctioneer 

- download power of attorney here


3. By Written Bid

- you can simply state in writing  the maximum price that you are prepared to bid to on any Lot and this information is passed to the auctioneer

- you can sell the Lot at a lower price, even if the auctioneer price is lower than your set limit and you will be the highest bidder

- download power of attorney here             


4. Online (in a hall auction via portal)

if you cannot or do not want to participate in an auction in person or by telephone, you can still bid from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

After registering on the portal, you will be allowed to set your bidding limits. This can be done at any time from the publication of the auction to its very start (set the highest amount that you are willing to bid). If another bidder offers more than your limit, you will receive an email notifying you that you have been outbid. The deadline for setting online limits is always one hour prior to the start of the live auction. This is followed by a live hall or internet auction. Before the start, a live auction window will open on your computer (available at where you can watch the auction or bid for selected items and thus actively participate in the auction..


5. On- line (Bid online at

Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery is now a member of It is the world's leading online platform for fine art, antiques and collectibles.

  • if you cannot or do not want to participate in an auction in persone you can still bid from your home, using your computer, phone or an iPad
  • after registering on the portal, you will be allowed to set your bidding limits. Browse the online catalogue and submit your bidding limits..