Now in EXPO 58 Gallery

May, 22 - May 30, 2023 - CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC



Endless Pools: Jan Mikulka, Michal Ozibko, Zdenek Trs, Vladimir Vela

31. 5. – 29. 6. 2023

Expo 58 ART Exhibition Hall

Curators: Zdena Ruzickova, Barbora Kundracikova

On May 31, 2023, the Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery will open in its new exhibition hall Expo 58 ART an exclusive exhibition entitled Endless Pools of contemporary leading Czech painters, generational and opinion contemporaries, graduates of the classical painting studio of Zdenek Beran, Jan Mikulka, Michal Ozibko, Zdenek Trs and Vladimir Vela.

While Jan Mikulka (1980) and Michal Ozibko (1981) represent a position of radically realistic painting highly exceptional in the Czech environment, Vladimir Vela (1980) and Zdenek Trs (1985), regardless of their identical training – and their endless hours of joint discussions – operate in the context of imaginative, metaphysical, abstracted painting. The exploration of both positions is an adventure for all involved: the painter, the painting, the space, and the viewer who enters it. The sales exhibition will present their current work, imaginatively transforming the EXPO 58 ART pavilion into a transparent aquarium. What we tend to think of as real is mirrored, disintegrating, multiplied, materialized, emerging, disappearing and breaking. It is balanced on a scale as fleeting as the medium itself – abstraction versus figuration, the natural versus the artificial world, the inner versus the outer landscape. The only thing to lean on are the metal handles of the imaginary diving board – and then the bottom of the tank. But we can only guess at its edges.

The sales exhibition takes place in the Expo 58 ART Exhibition Hall

(Letenské sady 1500/80, Prague 7)

open: May 31 - June 29, 2023


free entry