Mánes Gallery Exhibition Space

We opened our exhibition space in the Mánes Gallery in the beginning of 2015. The inaugural exhibition presented several iconic artworks by Toyen and Jindřich Štyrský from the important collection of Geraldine Galateau from Paris, with Toyen’s Magnetic Woman or Styrsky’s Human Sepia among the exhibited artworks. Our exhibit symbolically commemorated the 80th anniversary of the first Czechoslovak surrealist exhibition that took place in Mánes in 1935.
The Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery organizes exhibitions of significant Czech and international artists regularly several time per year in this new exhibition space.

History of the building
The building of Manes Union of Fine Arts was constructed between 1928 -1930 on the site of the Šítkovský Mill, which was demolished for this purpose, and close to the Šítkovský Tower, which stands as the vertical historical counterpoint to the horizontal mass of the Functionalist hall. The Union assembled a construction jury headed by the famous architect Josef Gočár and including as members, e.g. sculptors Otto Gutfreund and Bohumil Kafka or painter Emil Filla. Otakar Novotný was assigned the architectural project, which he conceived as a unique bridge between the riverbank and Slovanský Island, which became the base for the functionalist block with exhibition hall, restaurant, shops, etc. Thanks to Novotny’s unique construction, the building allows the river to flow right underneath it.

Our exhibition space
The exhibition space of the Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery opened in Manes after a major reconstruction completed in 2015. It is located on its southern terrace with a view of Gehry’s and Milunić’s Dancing House and the Jirásek Bridge.


Opening hours:
MON - SUN      by appointment only
E-mail: loos@aloos.cz


Exhibition of Surrealist masterpieces by Toyen and Styrsky from the Collection of Geraldine Galateau

Exhibition of Frank Kupka's oil paintings on the occasion of the first catalogue raisonné of Kupka's painting, published by our gallery in cooperation with the National Gallery in Prague and the Austrian National Gallery Belvedere in Vienna, and to commemorate 70th anniversary of the 1st retrospective Kupka's exhibition in Manes in 1946.

A view of our exhibition space in Manes