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Aukce v Mánesu

28.4.2019 - 28.04.2019

The Auction House Adolf Loos Auction House has once again confirmed that it is the leader of the Czech art market.
Adolf Loos Auction House and Gallery organized another very successful auction on Sunday, April 28, 2019.
Unique works by Jan Zrzavý from the collection of famous Russian pianist Emil Gilels were offered at the auction. The best success of this collection was the great oil of Jan Zrzavý called Téte/Head, auctioned for 5.9 million CZK incl. auction commission. The Auction House was also in charge of selling a quality collection of writer Marta Davouz. The art works came from her Breton manoir, Manoir De Langourian. These were unique and unrepeatable auction opportunities. From these collections, all items were sold with great success.

Participation in the Sunday auction was huge, the large exhibition hall in Manes burst at the seams. There were many bidders in the auction, whether in person in the hall, by phone or through a written limit. Many auctioned works will go to their new owners across the borders of the Czech Republic. The overall success of the Sunday auction in Mánes again reached an incredible 90%.
Among the most valuable works of the auction was the painting Landscape with Stems (1930, oil on canvas) by Josef Šíma. Significant interwar oil was auctioned for less than 10 million CZK incl. auction commission. The picture came from the collection of the Slovak poet Theo Herkel Florin. Another highlight of the April auction was undoubtedly the exceptional image of Table de jeu from 1977 (oil on canvas) by excellent French painter Bernard Buffet. After a short while the price of the oil climbed to 9,680,000 CZK incl. auction commission. Oil on canvas from the interwar period of Antonín Procházka entitled Head III (1916, oil on canvas) was auctioned off for a great price of 7,630,000 CZK incl. auction commission. This unique oil came from the family collection of Dr Ivo Rotter and was deposited as a long-term loan at the Belvedere National Gallery in Austria.
Another success of the April auction
Many Sunday's records were beaten by Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery on Sunday auction. One of them was another success of Olbram Zoubek. The world record of the author was achieved with the price of 3,150,000 CZK incl. auction commission for life-size bronze sculpture called Ifigenie (1986). Amount 1,815,000 CZK incl. auction commission was exceeded by Jindřich Štyrský with the picture July (1930). This magnificent work was in the collection of Toyen, who was personally donated by her close friend Štyrský. The auction also offered Petr Brandl's master oil of the Head of the Apostle from 1710, which was exhibited for years in the Chapel of St. Ludmila at the Chateau in Mělník. The price of this painting by the Baroque master was over 2.3 million CZK incl. auction commission.
Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery also held another year of charity auction. The full amount of the auction proceeds will be donated to support the Filip Venclík Foundation, the Hagibor Social Care Home and the Beauty of Help Foundation. The total gain of the charity auction was CZK 106,000.
We are very grateful to all of us who offer us free works with respect and respect to the people who need it. 
Thank you for your favor and we look forward to seeing you again!
Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery