Evening Sale Prague at Expo 58 ART

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12.11.2023 - Evening Sale Prague at Expo 58 ART

Sunday November 12, 2023 in Expo 58 ART EXHIBITION HALL
(Letenske sady 1500/80, Prague 7, Czech Republic)

Pre-auction exhibition:
October 21 - November 11, 2023 (10 AM - 6 PM); then November 12 (10 AM - 3:30 PM)


The most important lot in the auction was a significant painting by Marc Chagall.

Marc Chagall's blue-toned, charming painting Maternité sur fond bleu (Motherhood on a Blue Background) depicts a mother holding her child in a calm, nostalgic scene in warm colours and a fine brush. This painting embodies Chagall's poetic visual language, reflecting his own experiences of love and family. This dreamlike composition depicts aspects of the artist's personal and family history and Eastern European folklore in general. In the painting you can notice the motifs of peasant life, animals and a dove, which gives the work a peaceful atmosphere. The painting was in the painter's collection until his death. This was the first auction sale of the painting. The artwork was auctioned for EUR 615.035.

Another key work of the auction was Alois Wachsman's masterpiece Louis XVI, that has been exhibited and published many times. Firstly it was exhibited at the iconic exhibition Poetry 1932 in Prague. This exhibition was the first exhibition in our country that had a unified orientation to surrealism. The painting comes from the famous collection of Dr Jaroslav Borovicka and was placed in the collections of the National Gallery in Prague for a long time after the confiscation. In the 1990s, it was returned to Dr Borovicka. With a final price of EUR 504.370, the painting achieved a new world auction record for the artist.

The auction also included Still Life with Fruit and Fish from 1928 by Emil Filla. This cubist oil from the painter's important so-called "white period" originally belonged to the collection of the prominent American collector and Nobel Prize winner Norman Hasco. The artwork was auctioned for EUR 201.660.

From the collection of Dr Borovicka and the restitution of the National Gallery in Prague also came the oil painting of Karel Cerny In the Orchard, which has also undergone many exhibitions in the past and was also part of the auction offer. The final price stopped at EUR 78.660.

Among the highlights of the auction was Vaclav Spala's oil Bouquet with Tulips from 1939. This work was auctioned for EUR 73.718.

The famous Czech painter Jindrich Prucha was represented in the auction by his beautiful oil Winter Landscape from 1911. At that time, the peak period of his work began, when, after getting closer to impressionism and pointillism, he inclined to fauvism and became one of its most prominent representatives. The price of the artwork reached EUR 71.320.

Martin Benka's large-format work Sklabina Valley reached EUR 66.410 and thus became a new world record for a painter from his post-war period.

The attention of collectors and investors was undoubtedly attracted by other exclusive artworks, such as those by Edward Cucuel, Jan Kupecky, Zdenek Sklenar, Francisco Goya, Vaclav Brozik, Vojtech Hynais, Frantisek Kupka and others.

All works of art have been verified by the most important Czech experts and foreign experts. The auction house Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery is the only one in the Czech Republic to provide auctioneers with a lifetime guarantee of authenticity.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you in 2024!