Catalogues Raisonné and Monographies

Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery, in cooperation with renowned Czech and foreign institutions and entities, prepares a monograph of Czech painters of Jewish origin Between Two Worlds - Jewish Painters in Bohemia. We kindly ask the owners to provide pictures for taking photos and making text documentation. Please contact us here.
Max Kopf (1892 - 1958)
Alfréd Justitz (1879 - 1934)
Emil Orlik (1870 - 1932)
Georges Kars (1882 - 1945)
Bedřich Feigl (1884 - 1965)
Ludwig Blum (1891 - 1975)
Our company prepares the monograph of artists of the Osma Group /Vincenc Beneš, Emil Filla, Max Horb, Otakar Kubín (Coubine), Bohumil Kubišta, Willy Nowak, Emil Artur Pitterman, Antonín Procházka/.
Thanks for your help and cooperation!