Lot 26. Ballerina with Flowers

Emil Filla
(1882 – 1953)
1947 – 1948

oil on canvas
146 x 96,5 cm
signed upper right: Emil Filla

- private collection of Emil Filla
- confiscated in the late 1950s and placed in the National Gallery in Prague
- 1992 restituted by heirs of Emil Filla from the National Gallery in Prague on the basis of out-of-court restitutions
- the work was put up for auction by the painter's family (the painting hung until recently in the so-called children's room, next to Filla's former bedroom and then the painter's living room)

– Permanent exhibition: Emil Filla Memorial, Chropyne Chateau (as a long-term loan)


Confirmation of authenticity by Dr Frantisek Krejci Jr, the nephew of Emil Filla and copyright holder of the painter enclosed.

Further consulted with Dr Irena Zantovska Murray HonFRIBA, Professor Jaromir Zemina, Dr Jiri Machalicky and Vladimir Lekes.

Starting/Selling price
5.000.000 Kč
200 000 EUR
7.000.000 – 10.000.000 Kč
280 000 – 400 000 EUR
Price realized
7.200.000 Kč