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ca. 1900
Patinated bronze sculpture
Height of bronze: 66 cm
Signed on plinth “J.V. MYSLBEK”

Confirmation of authenticity by the expert Jiri Setlik, PhD, attached.

Josef Vaclav Myslbek (1848 -1922) was a Czech sculptor and medalist credited with founding the modern Czech sculpting style. He studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Afterwards he opened his own sculpting studio. He became greatly inspired by the French sculpting style. Josef Vaclav Myslbek influenced an entire generation of Czech sculptors and his students include Stanislav Sucharda, Jan Stursa and Bohumil Kafka. Myslbek\'s most famous work is the Statue of Saint Wenceslas, which is located in the center of Wenceslas Square. It took him over 20 years to complete but has since become one of Prague’s most recognizable landmarks and a symbol of Czech statehood.

Starting/Selling price
240 000 Kč
8 890 EUR
Price realized
330 000 Kč

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