16th Annual International TREBBIA Foundation Awards 2017

The ceremony took place on Sunday 16th June 2017 in the Spanish Hall of Prague Castle. Among the awarded winners were well-known and prominent personalities. Trebbia is an international award that was created in 2000 as an expression of recognition and thanks to entrepreneurs, patrons and artists.

The International Trebbia Foundation Awards 2017:

- for the promotion of culture and art: Vladimír Lekeš and Jacqueline Teissier Okuma

- for creative work: Joska Skalník and Juraj Kukura

- for the contribution to the dialogue of national cultures: Michal Bycko and Irina Aleksandrovna Antonova

- for a lifetime work: Vadim Petrov

Vladimír Lekeš, the owner of Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery, is an expert and admirer of the work of the famous architect Adolf Loos. His most important works include the reconstruction of Richard Hirsch's apartment, which is considered as one of the most famous projects by Adolf Loos in Pilsen. Vladimír Lekeš bought the original damaged interior of the Hirsch´s apartment in 1988 from the then owner and at his own expense brought it to its original condition and made it free to the public in Josefov in Prague. As one of the first in the Czech Republic, he started trading with paintings by František Kupka and his company Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery also stands behind the record sale of Kupka's paintings and many other Czech painters. For example, Vladimír Lekeš donated the sofa of architect Josef Hoffman to the Moravian Gallery in Brno or the bust of František Kupka for the painters' monuments in Opočno and Paris. His company also lends free of charge dozens of paintings and works of art to state institutions of the Czech Republic, including, for example, the attraction of GVU Ostrava "Pohled na Moravskou Ostravu II" by Oskar Kokoschka. The latest achievement of V. Lekeš is the elaboration of the detailed Catalogue Raisonné - the first comprehensive catalogue of oil paintings by František Kupka, which was created in collaboration with Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery, the National Gallery in Prague and the Austrian National Gallery Belvedere in Vienna. This event was also followed by an exhibition of F. Kupka's paintings from domestic and foreign private collections in Mánes, Prague. Vladimír Lekeš is the only Czech scholar enlisted in the prestigious Guide International des Experts and Spécialistes.

(from http://trebbia.eu/cs/trebbia-2013/)