Auction in Mánes: October 28, 2018

October auction in Mánes  On the day of the birth of the Czechoslovak state, 28 October 2018, in Prague's  Mánes, another auction of selected works of art took place. Many bidders participated in the auction, whether personally in the hall, on the phone or through a written limit. The total success of the Sunday auctions in Manes exceeded 80%. This was one of the most successful auctions in the Czech Republic. Three paintings from the Rotter Collection, Austrian Belvedere, sold for 45 Million Crowns:
The rare Cubist painting called Still life with a petroleum lamp of Antonín Procházka was sold for a great 13,000,000 CZK. The border of ten million crowns exceeded the oil on canvas of Jindřich Štyrský called Lanterns, which was auctioned for 10,285,000 CZK. The biggest star of the auction was the magnificent canvas called Falaise de Basalte of the most successful Czech painter Toyen, which reached the price of 21,535,000 CZK.  Other World Records: Prucha, Kupka (paper work) and Kintera:
Another record was achieved by František Kupka's gouache on paper called Les Danseuses, which climbed up to CZK 3,750,000. This is the world record of work on paper by the artist. The record was also achieved by Kristof Kintera, whose Talkman was auctioned for more than 1.5 million CZK. The Crucifixion of Jindřich Prucha was auctioned for CZK 2,720,000, another world record. Josef Čapek's first oil with the motive of the child was auctioned for CZK 5,630,000. A rare photograph of František Drtikol called Composition from 1929 was auctioned for 1,573,000 CZK.  Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery also organized another charity auction. The full proceeds of the auction will be donated in support of the Filip Venclík Foundation, the Hagibor Social Care Home and the Czech National Trust.Thank you all for your support and see next time at our auction. RESULT LIST  Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery
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