From Prague to the Persian Gulf. Toyen's award-winning painting went to the prestigious National Museum of Quatar collection

The painting by the painter Toyen La Dame de Pique (Lady of Spades), auctioned at the Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery auction for CZK 78,650,000, became part of the collections of the prestigious National Museum of Qatar.  The monumental museum, whose architecture resembles a desert rose, rises on the shores of the sea in the capital Doha. The building was designed by the famous French architect Jean Nouvel and was built for more than ten years. According to the architect Nouvel, the building is a symbol of the whole of Qatar - it should capture its modernity and dynamism and at the same time desert tradition. The modern building opened in 2019 and cost approximately 10 billion crowns.
The Qatar Museum carefully selects top works of art from around the world in its collections. She bought two paintings for her permanent exhibition at the Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery auction in October 2019. It was a top painting by the painter Toyen La Dame de Pique from 1926 and an attractive oil painting by Vlaho Bukovac from 1909. .500 CZK, at the same time it is an author's auction record. This was also due to the close personal ties of our company's management to the management of the National Museum of Qatar. We believe that mutual cooperation will continue successfully in the future.
The Qatar ruling dynasty is often compared to the famous Renaissance patrons, the Medici family. Princess Qassar Mayassa Al-Thani herself, a renowned art collector, selects art objects for her collections, which make Qatar a place among the world's centers of art and culture. For example, in 2011 she bought the painting Card Players by Paul Cézanne for about 4.7 billion crowns for the planned museum, and in 2015 Paul Gauguin's canvas called Nafea Faaipoipo (When Are You Married?) For about 7.3 billion crowns. Both works broke the world record with their award. Furthermore, in the museum's permanent collection we can find the work of famous artists such as Mark Rothko, Damien Hirst, Jackson Pollock or Pablo Picasso. Now Toyen and Vlaho Bukovac are joining them.
The National Museum of Qatar attracts visitors from the West and around the world with its phenomenal art collection.
Toyen, La Dame de Pique, 1926, oil on canvas, Foto: Adolf Loos Apartment and Galleryery