Kupka - Mucha in Expo 58 ART


We would like to thank the incredible 18,000 visitors of the Kupka - Mucha exhibition, which took place in just three weeks in the Expo 58 ART exhibition hall. Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you again!

The exhibition took place from February 26 to March 20, 2022 daily in the Expo 58 ART exhibition hall, Letenské sady 1500/80, Prague 7.

As a free reminder of the only joint exhibition of Frantisek Kupka and Alfons Mucha, which took place in Paris in 1936, under the name of F. Kupka, A. Mucha, at the "Musée des Écoles Étrangéres Contemporaines" at the Jeu de Paume in the Tuileries Gardens. The exhibition was organized by the gallery Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery in the Expo 58 ART exhibition hall in Letenské sady in Prague.

With this unique exhibition, the gallery has officially opened its exhibition activities in its new Expo 58 ART exhibition hall. Expo 58 is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in world architecture in the second half of the 20th century, which has become a symbol of the international success of Czechoslovak art and architecture. The UNESCO World Heritage Site, which received the Grand Prix and another thirteen awards at the World Expo 58 in Brussels and will be reopened to the public.

The unique exhibition presented more than eighty important works by two Czech painters of world importance, Frantisek Kupka and Alfons Mucha, who were one of the most remarkable figures in Czech and world art of the first half of the 20th century. Most of the paintings were borrowed from private collections from the Czech Republic and abroad, some of the works visitors had the opportunity to see for the first time. Several of the paintings came from Frantisek Kupka's most famous pre-war collection, owned by the factory owner, art patron and Kupka's closest friend and supporter, Jindrich Waldes. Works from the famous collection of the important Parisian gallerist Louis Carré, who was the only one to represent Frantisek Kupka (from 1951 to 1957), were also presented. Furthermore, works originally from the collections of the painter's wife, Mrs. Eugenie Kupka, a close friend of A. P. Galien, Jiri Kolar and other important collectors, were exhibited. The only two sculptures created by Frantisek Kupka were exhibited together for the first time - bronze busts of his wife Eugenie.

The value of the exhibited works exceeded the amount of two and a half billion crowns, making it the most expensive exhibition in the Czech Republic, organized by a private gallery. It was a unique opportunity to see unique works of world importance of both masters.