Lot 11. Paris (a book)

Josef Šíma
(1891 – 1971)

18 coloured etchings by Josef Sima with texts b y French poets
(translated by Jaroslav Seifert, who also wrote the last poem) and an introduction by Philippe Soupault
this book has no. 38

Published for Christmas 1927 in 120 numbered, coloured and signed copies, all hand-printed by the author on Mada gascar paper as the second volume of the Miscelanea Privata library, by Aventina, Dr. Ot. Storch – Marien, Prague II, Purkynova 6. Etchings printed by Alessandro de Pian in Prague, texts by F. Obzina in Vyskov, Moravia.

– significant Prague collection

Consulted with Dr Irena Zantovska Murray HonFRIBA, Professor Jaromir Zemina, Dr Jiri Machalicky and Vladimir Lekes.

Starting/Selling price
100.000 Kč
EUR 4 170
150.000–300.000 Kč
EUR 6 250–12 500
Price realized
350.000 Kč