Auction of selected artworks in Expo 58 Art

Exhibition Hall Expo 58 ART, Letenské sady 1500/80, 170 00 Prague 7

EXHIBITION TIMES (VIEWING) at Expo 58 ART Exhibition Hall:
November 5—December 3, 2022: 10 AM—6 PM
December 4, 2022: 10 AM—1:30 PM
(including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)


The most significant lot in the auction will be the important painting "Mirage" by Toyen and oils by Marie Egner, Maurice Utrillo, Otakar Kubin and Vaclav Spala. 

The collector's prized oil "Mirage" from the Toyen period in Paris has long remained in a private collection and has so far escaped much public attention. This highly attractive painting dates from 1967 and is one of Toyen's most important oils from her post-war period. The painting was given a pivotal place during Toyen's recent exhibition at the Musée d'Art Moderne de Paris. The work is also featured in the new documentary film "Toyen - Baroness of Surrealism". This oil is a great example of her late enigmatic style, in which one of the artist's main motifs, concerning the concept of shadow, which runs continuously throughout her work, reached its culmination. The painting was originally part of Toyen's collection. This is the first auction sale of this work. The starting price of the painting is set at an incentive 480 000 EUR.

The other key work of the auction will be a masterful impressionist oil by one of Austria's most important painters, Maria EgnerBright Spring Morning, from 1894. The painting goes to auction with a starting price of 184 000 EUR. A work by Marie Egner of this gallery quality has never been auctioned on the world auction market before.

The auction will include a rare, published and exhibited oil by Otakar Kubín (Coubine) Garden View from the artist's studio "Bouda", from 1906, i.e. from his highly collectible period. The starting price of the work, which comes from the restitution of the National Gallery in Prague, was set at 160 000 EUR.

From the restitution of the National Gallery in Prague also comes an oil by the important French painter Maurice UtrilloChâteau de Chastellux, from 1932, for which the asking price is set at 64 000 EUR and a large-format, rarely found on the art market oil by Hanus Schwaiger, The Robbers, with a starting price of 36 000 EUR, which comes from the famous collection of the pre-war owner of the Waldes factory (Kooh-i-noor) and art patron Jindřich Waldes.

The "highlights" of the auction will include oils from the 1930s. Bouquet by Vaclav Spala and Abstract Composition by Frantisek Foltyn. The auction will also include the beautiful Winter by Josef Lada

The auction will feature eighteen paintings (by Frantisek Tkadlik, Josef Navratil, Bedrich Hawranek, Antonin Chittussi, Frantisek Zenisek, Max Svabinsky) from the famous collection of Cyril and Bohuslav Dusek. In the past, their collection of paintings was described as the most beautiful private collection of Czech painters of the 19th and early 20th century. The brothers Cyril and Bohuslav Dusek shared a love of art and collecting. They were among the greatest supporters of Czech culture in the 20th century and actively participated in the creation of Czechoslovakia.

Two works on paper by the famous Spanish painter Joan Miró will undoubtedly attract the attention of collectors and investors.

An unusual lot in the auction is a rare book of poems by Jindrich Heisler with illustrations by Toyen and Jindrich Styrsky Only Falcons Piss Quietly on the Ten Commandments, from 1939, which was published in only forty copies. On the book's frontispiece is Toyen's own handwritten dedication to the important Swiss-German artist, sculptor, poet, model, and "first lady of the world surrealist movement" Meret Elisabeth Oppenheim (1913-1985), who was the leading female figure of the surrealist movement and one of the women who fundamentally influenced the development of modern art. (dedication: "á Meret avec mon amitié Toyen 27/III. 1956")

Contemporary art will be represented in the auction by top works by Kaja Saudek, Jiri Sopko, Magdalena Jetelova, Stanislav Kolíbal, Vladimir Kopecky, Jan Svankmajer, Ludvik Feller, Michael Rittstein, Kristof Kintera and many others. 

The auction also includes a charity auction of paintings for the benefit of the AutTalk Foundation of Katerina Sokolova, the Filip Venclik Foundation and the Hagibor social home care. 

All artworks have been examined by the most important Czech experts and foreign experts. 

It is the only auction house in the Czech Republic that provides a lifetime guarantee of authenticity of the artworks sold.

Toyen, Mirage (Přelud), 1967