Lot 148 Frogs


Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 61 x 92 cm
Signed lower right “OK”
Verso Oskar Kokoschka’s hand: “Europa`s SUNSET 1968, Prague 23.8.68“

The painting is offered in an auction for the first time.

This seminal work of Czech and Slovak art history was finished on 23rd August 1968.
Kokoschka painted it in protest against the invasion of the Warsaw Pact troops into
Czechoslovakia and he symbolically dedicated it to Czechoslovakia, its people and the Prague Spring reform movement.

Authenticity certificate by artist’s wife Olda Kokoschka attached.
Attached expertise by the highly respected expert on the work of Oskar Kokoschka (author of his catalogue raisonné and many other publications), Director emeritus of Oskar Kokoschka Dokumentation Centre in Pochlarn, Prof. Johann Winkler. Consulted with the Head Curator of the Austrian National Gallery Belvedere in Vienna, Dr. Alfred Weidinger (internationally respected connoisseur of Kokoschka’s work, author of many of his exhibitions and catalogues) and Prof. PhDr. Jaromir Zemina. The painting is listed under no. 474 in Oskar Kokoschka’s catalogue raisonné.

In September 1967 Oskar Kokoschka filled his sketchbook with studies of fat toads, turtles and crabs, which are nowadays a part, i.a., of the collection of Fondation Oskar Kokoschka in Vevey. The frogs represented the uneducated nation. Crabs represented the brave nations of Europe (for Kokoschka they were especially the English and the Russians), who stood up to Hitler. Frogs, dully staring into the twilight, became a symbol of human stupidity and jealousy, unable to tell apart lie and truth or commonness and extraordinariness. In 1968, for the first time since the war, Olda and Oskar Kokoschka watched the Prague Spring and the first democratic steps that they hoped for. During the invasion of the Warsaw Pact troops into Czechoslovakia in August 1968 they were both very upset. The oil painting “Frogs” shows the dictatorships throughout the history and abhors Europe’s unconcern.

Exhibited due to the ignorance of indifference of both pre-revolutionary and present cultural and politic nomenclature, this painting, essential for the Czechoslovak history has never been exhibited in former Czechoslovakia, or in the Czech or Slovak republics:
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*Reduced buyer’s commission for this lot: 4% including VAT.

Due to the foreign ownership of the painting, it is not subject to the jurisdiction of the Czech Republic and its law no. 20/1987 and is therefore export free.

Starting/Selling price
25 000 000 Kč *
925 930 EUR
Price realized
36 250 000 Kč

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