Vladimir Franz: Right Shore

Press release
24. 9. - 13. 11. 2015   Curators: Vladimír Franz, Vladimír Lekeš   Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery presents a sales exhibition of Vladimír Franz's paintings from 24th September 2015 in their exhibition spaces in the Mánes Gallery. The exhibition is open daily from Monday to Friday, 10 am to 6 pm. Vladimír Franz is a painter, composer, pedagogue and author, born in 1959 in Prague. Despite having graduated from law school, he privately studied painting as well. His teachers were the painter Karel Souček and Franz's close friend Andrej Bělocvětov.
In his artworks, Franz often deals with essential themes connected to the human impact on Earth, such as the ambivalence of human relation to the nature, the ephemerality of interventions in the landscape and the gradual fading of human traces in the context of natural energy, or the ridiculousness and hypocrisy hidden in the elementary models of today's social behaviour.
During the last two years, Vladimír Franz's works regained the element of poetism and natural motifs, typical for his works before 2004. The exhibition “Right Shore” brings together a collection of watercolours representing these rediscovered expressive and lyrical floral motifs, accompanied with several recent canvases. Vladimír Franz Almond Tree
Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery | Mánes | small exhibition hall | 24. 9. - 13. 11. 2015